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Isolated In-line Serial Converter – DB25F/Terminal Blocks

  • RS-232 to RS-422 or RS-485 (2 or 4 wire) serial conversion
  • 2,000V, two-way optical isolation (input/output)
  • Data rate: 115.2 kbps
  • Quick, inline installation
  • Removable terminal blocks for RS-422/485
  • Automatic Send Data Control - no software drivers necessary
  • 10 to 48 VDC external power required (not included, sold separately)
Model 4WSD25OTB converts RS-232 to RS-422 or RS-485 (2 or 4-wire). 2,000 Volts two-way optical isolation protects devices from power surges, spikes and ground loops in harsh electrical environments. This in-line converter supports distances up to 1,200 m (4000 ft.) and data rates up to 115.2 kbps. Switchable modes support 2-wire RS-485, 4-wire RS-485, and full-duplex RS-422. DB9 female RS-232 input. Removable terminal blocks for RS-422/485 and external power make wiring easy. Accepts external power from 10-48 VDC from an industrial power source or plug in power supply (not included, sold separately).

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