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Advantech Launches Two New UNO-3283G / 3382G/ 3384G High Performance Industrial Computers


Advantech is pleased to announce the launch of UNO-3283G and UNO-3382/ 3384G fanless industrial computers. Advantech’s 3000 series of industrial computers are renowned for their high performance, large number of I/O ports and flexible expansion.  UNO-3283G & UNO-3382G/ 3384G include dual front-hot swappable SSD/HDD bays with RAID 0/1 support. HDD/SSD are installed in drive bays which are accessible from the front using a single captive thumb screw for each bay, so that in the event of failure or an upgrade this can be carried out quickly and easily. These new models boast many new features, which make them ideal for factory and machine automation.

To provide optimum flexibility of the already ample I/O ports, the new models support iDoor technology which provides users with a host of additional modular I/O port options such as industrial fieldbus, wireless connectivity and PoE for smart cameras in production inspection applications. Combined with a motion and frame grabber expansion card through PCIe/PCI, UNO-3283G & UNO-3382G/ 3384G series are the ideal solution for machine motion and vision control applications.

To aid maintenance flexibility, UNO-3283G has been designed with anew ‘L’ shaped removable cover which enables access to the inside of the machine in a much more convenient manner than before. The ‘L’ shaped cover has been designed with “captive screws” to prevent loose screws falling out during operation or removal of the cover. The clever design also allows users to gain easy access to the PCI/PCIe sockets, iDoor module, CFast slot and RTC battery for installation and maintenance.

UNO-3283G comes with an Intel® 6th Generation Core™  i7 processor which gives an up to 79% increase in speed over 3rd generation CPUs. The ruggedized design supports power redundancy and operating temperatures from -10~60 , ensuring they can withstand harsh industrial environments. The robust design ofUNO-3300 series is also proven by its UL/IEC-61010 certification, which is the standard for industrial applications.

In addition to all these compelling features, UNO-3283G also provides dual video ports for DVI-I and HDMI displays and supports multiple mounting methods like Stand, Wall and Enclosure mounts, thereby further increasing their flexibility to work in almost any location.

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